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Where are my Kickstarter credits, how do I use them?

Your Kickstarter credits have been credited to your account and are associated with it. They cannot be used for another account.
They appear as a coupon that you can see either here in your account or more importantly during the checkout. It should be applied automatically at check out. Please check that the total amount is correct.
If it has not been applied, click on the coupon to activate and use your Kickstarter credit at the time of checkout as shown here:

KS credits on checkout

If you do not see any credit and think you should have one, please contact us through “need help?” menu.

When the Kickstarter credit coupon is in use (when you click on it), it will only appear at the checkout stage, and will not be visible in your “My Account”. This is normal.
You can use the coupon on more than one order if you need to send products to 2 different addresses for instance. Any remaining balance will be available for a second pledge until December 8 2017 23:59pm Paris Time.